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Sunrise Garden & Tree Services helps people across Adelaide get the very best in paving materials. From carefully graded, naturally-coloured and chemical wash-free pebbles to high-quality resins that improve the lifespan of your paths and driveways, we our paving experts provide it all at a fantastic price, backed up by excellent customer service and relevant, knowledgeable advice and guidance.

Concrete resurfacing with permeable paving is often completed much more cost-effectively and rapidly than laying fresh concrete. Save yourself time, money and stress and make an investment in the long-term appearance and functionality of your property with our low cost concrete resurfacing options. Choose permeable driveway paving for your home

With many years of combined experience, we can confidently tackle any type of Gardening service. We are Fully Licensed and Insured.

Sunrise Garden & Tree Services specialise in commercial lawn care and landscaping work but are fully equipped and available to deal with jobs from a diverse range of projects. Our services include: Weed Control, Hedging, Lawn Care, Garden Maintenance, Large Scale Lawn Mowing,  Mowing, Tree Lopping, Pebbles, Stone, Marble chips, Mulching, Artificial Turf & Open Spaces, Arboriculture and Horticulture. We are just a call away from your gardening needs.

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