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Sunrise Garden & Tree Services is known for its reliable and efficient lawn mowing and gardening services throughout South Australia. We will do every needful practice to keep your lawn healthy and attractive. By keeping the grass short, neat and clean, eliminates some pests and prevents invasion, ensures that debris is picked up and many more. Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn in the right manner by professionals also benefits the environment. Unlike hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and wood, lawn grass helps clean the air, trap carbon dioxide, reduce erosion from stormwater runoff, improve soil, decrease noise pollution, and reduce temperatures. Sunrise Garden & Tree Services will assist you with proper analysing of your lawn and mowing at the correct height that increases the lawns density and also keeps the root system healthy. Our experienced professionals are equipped with appropriate equipment and ideally take off all the unwanted grass or weeds without damaging any surfaces and leaving the clean and neat surroundings. We will bring about a sense of pride and keep your lawn healthy. At Sunrise Garden & Tree Services our specialist inspect your grass for further care and maintenance tips to keep it looking healthy year round.

With many years of combined experience, we can confidently tackle any type of Gardening service. We are Fully Licensed and Insured.

Sunrise Garden & Tree Services specialise in commercial lawn care and landscaping work but are fully equipped and available to deal with jobs from a diverse range of projects. Our services include: Weed Control, Hedging, Lawn Care, Garden Maintenance, Large Scale Lawn Mowing,  Mowing, Tree Lopping, Pebbles, Stone, Marble chips, Mulching, Artificial Turf & Open Spaces, Arboriculture and Horticulture. We are just a call away from your gardening needs.

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